• The best on-offline promotion platform, WX, is a favorite of leading corporations.


In 2016, we brought all platforms together to build WX. Now in its 3rd generation, WX perfectly syncs the webinar to offline events. We invite you to experience WX’s optimal usability, stability, and refined design for yourself.

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Everyone in one place.

Participants, organizers, site managers, promotion owners, event managers, sales reps, agency reps, operators, and system administrators — the WX platform accounts for all persons involved in a given event. Thanks to the permission settings and its segmentation features, WX is all you need for integrated promotions.

Everything in one place.

With our compounded online and offline event experience, we have acquired an acute understanding of the users’ needs and integrated event management systems (EMS) and field management systems (FMS) in one place. The 3rd-generation WX provides all features needed to operate a promotion.

  • Participants

    Real-time Q&A, chatting, voting, downloading of files, and smooth communication with organizers.

  • Organizer

    Registering participants, sending invitations, posting announcements, banners and ebooth posting, and webinar operation.

  • Administrator

    Permission managements by groups, real-time monitoring, personnel management through CRM, and collecting multidimensional big data.

Beyond the online and into the offline.

We designed WX to be compatible with offline events. Send offline events online and monitor both events simultaneously. All features are activated in real time to provide both offline and online participants with the best possible experience.

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Live or on-demand—whichever you choose.

Being able to choose between pre-recording and going live is one of online promotions' many great advantages. Our know-how, comprised from our experience overseeing countless ondemand and live event operations, has culminated in the WX platform. With WX, you can construct a well-organized experience for any event.

Powerful server stability and scalability.

WX uses AWS, the most reliable and expandable cloud computing service. Through CDN technology powered by AWS, we provide a satisfying user environment for anyone, anywhere. Cloud consulting and support from GS Neotech and anti-hacking systems from SK Infosec — both our official partners — guarantee safety throughout the whole event.

Various design templates for various marketing goals.

With an agile interface and stylish responsive design, WX’s elegant user interface sets it a cut above the rest. Our various templates and customization features will allow you to find an aesthetically pleasing solution for your promotion project’s needs.


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